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Placemaking is an approach to economic development in public spaces that incorporates elements of urban design, planning, and management. The strategy combines cultural, physical, and social identities of a place with a community’s public amenities or a building’s shared areas to create spaces that inspire, educate, and contribute to overall well-being. The idea behind successful […]


Between a global pandemic that restricts the usual celebrations around the holidays and the social rumblings of a less wasteful lifestyle getting louder each year, gift-giving is slowly becoming a different experience. And, speaking of experience, the days of coveting the latest gadget, toy, or trinket are shifting to become much more focused on just […]

An immersive and inspiring experience is exactly what is needed in this uncertain and stressful time as much of the world deals with the ongoing global pandemic. Finding safe activities to do, especially ones that leave a positive and remarkable memory, in an effort to stay connected with friends and family is especially important these [...]
long dark tunnel

  MORE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL By: Steve Woolrich, Principal of Rethink Urban Inc. The light we saw at the end of the tunnel was the front of an oncoming train, in this case a worldwide pandemic we now refer to as Covid-19. Although this train has brought the world to a […]

IDS20_The Party_
Interior Design Show 2020: Best Booth Gold Award  We recently had the oppurtunity to partner with Arc & Co to design and build an interactive booth experience for Blanco at the International Design Show 2020 in Toronto, Canada. The interactive multimedia booth was awarded ‘Best Booth’ at IDS 2020. Watch the video below to see how [...]

Learning Through Multi-Sensory Interactive Instruction A blog article by Dr. Anita Nazareth You don’t have to be a specialist educator to know that engaging children through more than one sensory avenue can markedly enhance their learning capacity. Teacher-student and student-student interaction makes learning meaningful and interesting. What is more exciting is the added interaction with […]

Piano Chandelier

The Sound Reactive Piano Chandelier: Multi-Sensory Experience Do you recall the sensations you experienced as you sat through a piano recital because you just had to; your child or sibling or good friend was playing and you were there to support the event.  What words would you use to describe that experience? Compare with the […]

aurora_product-1140x760 copy

The CEO of Limbic Media, Justin Love, was just interviewed at TransWorld. Aaron (the interviewer) voted Aurora coolest thing he saw there. Check out the interview in the video below! TransWorld’s Halloween & Attraction show is the ONLY industry trade show of its kind in the world. There is no other show that has as […]


Aurora Won Product Of The Year At The 2019 VIATEC Awards  On June 14, 2019, the tech community gathered to celebrate the achievements of technology companies and individuals responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest-growing technology region in British Columbia. The theme was “There’s no place like home.” The CEO (Justin Love) and CTO (Manjinder […]

Limbic Media Singing Tree
Limbic Media is entering its busiest season yet. Aurora-powered LED installations are going up around the world for the 2018 holiday season and beyond. Aurora controls LED displays by interpreting sound and mapping that audio data into lighting design. While Aurora handles interpreting and mapping the subtleties of audio data, installers have the power of [...]
interactive public art
This article was written by Limbic Media's CTO Manjinder Benning and republished with permission from LED Professional Review, an Austrian-based publication for innovators in LED technology. ———————————— Advancements in lighting control technology are allowing for sophisticated interactivity in LED mapping. These new technologies are bridging the gap between lighting control and AI, with the ability [...]
Burning Man BLM Nevada Photo
Want to learn more about interactive media? Contact us about Aurora. —————— On day 3 of the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, onlookers were captivated by a computer-generated recreation of Tupac Shakur to perform with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The animation used projection mapping in combination with a theatrical technique called “Pepper’s [...]
Interactive Lighting Public Art Display
  Real estate developers often invest in hoardings for big projects—on-site marketing signage that describes future developments. As opposed to online, radio, and print ads, hoardings are highly cost-effective marketing investments for developers, providing large-scale project awareness 24/7. Vancouver-based developer Belford Properties took their hoarding for Sun Towers Metrotown to the next level. Faced with [...]
Prince George, British Columbia
Representatives from Canadian science centres and museums came together last week to embody LHULH'UTS'UT'EN—working together—at this year's Canadian Association of Science Centres' 2018 conference. CASC attendees came to Prince George this year to seek inspiration, network, and learn about the challenges facing science centres and museums across the country. Limbic Media's Marketing Associate, Deanna Foster, and [...]
Singing Tree, Victoria, BC
Looking for more holiday lighting content? Subscribe to Limbic Media's monthly newsletter! ———————— We talked to Darren Vader, a holiday lighting installation expert, in our last blog to discover the biggest trends and challenges facing the industry today. Darren’s business focuses mainly on commercial lighting installations, retail/wholesale, and cutting-edge technology in the lighting industry. This [...]
Sound reactive holiday lighting
Planning holiday lighting installations might be off the average homeowner’s radar for several more months—but for those in the commercial holiday lighting industry, projects are already in the planning phase. We talked to Darren Vader of Lumyn Immersive Media about the challenges and trends facing the holiday lighting and installation industry. Darren is the founder [...]
Aurora QA Station
Limbic Media’s Project Technical Lead, Jason Sanche, recently wrote about Aurora in a paper for a university course on Neuroaesthetics. Jason is finishing his Computer Science degree at the University of Victoria and couldn’t have timed this article better with our recent posts about multisensory technologies and their effect on brain development and behavior. The [...]
Once upon a time, Redcliffe Elementary School in South Carolina was experiencing issues not unlike many North American public schools. Despite their focus on achievement in standardized testing, Redcliffe had the lowest test scores in their district. Instead of beefing up their academic approach, they decided to invest more in multisensory education that amalgamated traditional [...]
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