Limbic Media

Limbic Media

Art Against The Ordinary

Limbic Media transforms public spaces with high-tech interactive art and light installations that invite participation and bring people together.

adjective lim·bic /ˈlɪmbɪk/

of, or relating to, the brain’s limbic system; a group of subcortical structures (such as the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, and the amygdala) that are concerned especially with emotion and motivation.

Create an unexpected experience.

Public art is everywhere. But what separates art that blends into the background from art that becomes truly memorable? It’s difficult to inspire engagement through a static piece – but what about an interactive art installation that’s powered by human interaction? Through a unique approach to interactive displays, Limbic Media creates experiences that ignite conversation and human connection with some of the world’s most advanced interactive technologies.

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Winners! Gold at IDS 2020 – Best Booth

Interior Design Show 2020: Best Booth Gold Award  We recently had the oppurtunity to partner with Arc & Co to design and build an interactive booth experience for Blanco at the International Design Show 2020 in Toronto, Canada. The interactive multimedia booth was awarded ‘Best Booth’ at IDS 2020. Watch the video below to see how [...]



Our plug & play lighting system reinterprets the principles of sound- reactive lighting. The result? A space or event nobody will forget.


Want to create an engaging experience for your community? Our custom, high tech sensory installations get people talking – literally.

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