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A unique plug n' play technology that transforms
traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences.

Aurora™ is a sound-to-light controller that creates light shows from audio input in real-time. Aurora combines bright RGB LEDs with sound-reactive technology, enabling music, voices, and environmental sounds to manipulate a lighting scheme.

The world’s most advanced sound-to-light controller

Aurora™ uses sophisticated lighting algorithms to create an unprecedented connection between light and sound. In real-time, it recognizes and distinctly visualizes audio features as subtle as a violin vibrato or as distinct as a voice.

An easy-to-use technology

Aurora™ works right out of the box. It does not require expensive custom programming or professional lighting personnel. Customize lighting scheme effects like colour and pattern in real-time from the Aurora App.

A platform for social connection

Beyond sound-to-light mapping, Aurora has the power to connect people. Engage the public through sound-to-light interaction. Heighten audience participation with options for voice recognition, motion tracking, or social media engagement.

Looking to position yourself as an innovator?

Contact our sales team today and learn more about Aurora’s applications.

Globes Garden
Turn your garden into a large scale interactive lighting experience easily. Use Aurora's powerful music to lighting mapping engine to generate the effects in real-time. No lighting expertise needed!
Singing Tree
Attract attention with the magic of Aurora™. Aurora™ has been installed in trees in a number of cities across North America to help revitalize spaces and increase foot traffic.
Sound Reactive LED Canopy
Wow your clients with the immersive & interactive experience of an Aurora™ Canopy. Perfect for parties, outdoor festivals, houses of worship, night clubs and casinos.
Prismo 3D
Bring innovation to your next event with our mapped 3D volumetric LED displays. Great for attracting attention and amplifying your social media reach. Perfect for clubs, innovative architectural spaces and eye popping events. For a custom experience have your own hashtags drive the lighting design!
Interactive Landscape Lighting
Have the coolest lighting display on the block with Aurora™ embedded into your garden. A variety of fixtures available.
Sound Reactive Demonstration
Aurora™ is the world’s first Artificially Intelligent lighting system. Using advanced algorithms to map sound to lighting. “See The Music Like Never Before”
Specifications for Aurora™.


Individually control up to 4000 lights (unlimited using repeaters)
A variety of light fixtures available including large globes, 360 lights, tubes
Library of highly customizable patterns

Signal Processing

Advanced sound-to-light controller
2D and 3D geometric mapping engine to create spatial effect


Embedded mic
⅛ inch audio in/out
Balanced XLR audio in/out
DMX in/thru/out
Android and iOS app

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