Evergreen Brickworks Hanging Vine Canopy

Evergreen Brickworks Hanging Vine Canopy

Lighting the Way in Public Space Enhancement
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 2024
  • Evergreen Brickworks
  • $Public Space

Setting the Scene for DJ Skate Nights

Earlier this year, Limbic Media’s hanging vine canopy elevated the winter ambiance at Evergreen Brickworks during their ‘DJ Skate Nights.’ Using our advanced Aurora lighting platform, we helped to transform one of the most beautiful skating rinks in Toronto into the coolest dancefloor in town!

Tasked with enriching the aesthetic of Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks—a historic site rejuvenated into a thriving community environmental centre—Limbic Media installed a canopy of lights designed to blend seamlessly with both the architecture and the seasonal events held at the venue. Our Aurora technology, known for its responsiveness to environmental sounds, subtly enhanced the music played by the DJs, harmonizing light with sound to create an immersive skating experience.

Evergreen Brickworks, a 130-year-old former brick factory, is a testament to sustainable urban renewal. Transformed in 2010 by Evergreen, a forward-thinking national not-for-profit, the site serves as Canada’s first large-scale community environmental centre, integrating public markets, educational initiatives, and innovative urban redevelopment projects. Having a Limbic Media installation at such a significant site underscores our commitment to enhancing public spaces while honouring their historical and environmental significance.

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