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Give your guests the extraordinary

Whether you represent a ski hill, a destination resort, a themed attraction, or an adventure park, we know how important it is for you to stay relevant and maintain that innovative edge. Positioning yourself as ‘the’ destination everyone is talking about is paramount to your long-term success. Limbic Media’s nighttime experiences are proven to bring the ‘wow,’ connecting your guests to the soul of your brand

Create An Enchanted Journey

Your guests are looking for unforgettable, awe-inspiring experiences. So, why not give it to them? Engage Limbic Media’s team of artists, designers, storytellers, and engineers to create a customized story-based night walk experience to enchant your guests.

Activate the natural surroundings

Interactive & immersive storytelling

Drive revenues from ticket sales

Reimagine nature

People want to be inspired, so why not give it to them? Harness the power of Limbic Media’s interactive lighting technology to create beautiful, creative experiences that exceed all expectations.

Immersive colourful lighting

Engineered for the outdoors

Cover large areas

Design for your needs

Unlike existing lighting displays, Aurora-based experiences are fully customizable to suit your needs. Use the mobile app to adjust colours and effects to keep your installation relevant to key event themes throughout the year. Explore our wide selection of lighting options and expanded modes of interactivity to ensure your experience stays fresh year over year.

Custom sculptural elements

Refresh year over year

expand and CUstomize

“Ticket sales were more than double our expectations.”

“I can say reviews have been very positive. It was exciting to see the joy across a wide spectrum of demographics, particularly teens and 20 somethings, they’re often harder to impress. Agora is the perfect Covid experience and likely why it was so popular at a time when there was little competition.”

— Patti Kendell – Director Of Marketing – Blue Mountain Resort

an experienced & Professional team

Design + Manufacture

 Engage our experienced designers to help refine and shape your vision and have our engineering team bring the vision to life.

Delivery + installation

We will ship you all the necessary equipment. Depending on the size of the project, our team can be on site or we can support installers remotely.

Ensure Success

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We continue to engage with you after installation to ensure success and promptly respond to any requests.

Are You An innovator?

Our experienced team has executed on many successful multi-disciplinary projects with resort and attraction-based clients across North America; the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Whether you are rearing to go or you are just starting to dream about the possibilities, we want to meet you and help however we can.

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