Blue Mountain – Agora WALKTHROUGH

Blue Mountain AGORA: Walk-Through Art Installation

  • 2020
  • $Night Walk

Your story is our story.

Limbic Media’s interactive Aurora Lighting Platform is increasingly being used to drive large-scale walk-through art installation experiences in cities and resorts across the world. Interactive walk-throughs have proven to be a safe way for the public to get outside and experience and interact with their surroundings in a new light. In 2020, Limbic Media worked with Blue Mountain, north of Toronto, Canada to design and install AGORA.

AGORA is an unusual and magical space inspired by the cycles of life in nature. As participants walk this forested circular path, they encounter a series of interactive lighting installations based on the five elements of air, space, earth, water, and fire. This is a journey of learning where participants can communicate with nature, bringing AGORA to life with the language of light.

Agora – Behind The Scenes

“I can say reviews have been very positive. It was exciting to see the joy across a wide spectrum of demographics, particularly teens and 20 somethings, they’re often harder to impress. Agora is the perfect Covid experience and likely why it was so popular at a time when there was little competition. There was also a ton of advertising and promotion behind the event. Ticket sales were more than double our expectations and contributed positively to ancillary sales at commercial businesses in the Village.”

– Patti Kendall, Director of Marketing & Events, Blue Mountain Village Association

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