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Singing Tree

Singing Trees invite the public to interact with trees in the local environment by singing, clapping, or playing an instrument, creating an unforgettable and magical experience for participants.


Aurora-based interactive canopies are a magical and effective way to revitalize public space. String one up over an alleyway or walkway to increase the sense of safety and play or install one in an outdoor retail location to encourage more foot traffic.


The Aurora Chandelier is an interactive art object that brings a sense of magic and wonder into any space. Chandeliers can come in many different forms, for example, dense 3D rectangles, and hollow cylinders. Shape and form is customizable for each installation.


Introducing Helix, an interactive 3D sculpture powered by our Aurora platform. Helix loves to hang out at Special Events, Festivals, and Hotel/Corporate Lobbies and brings a sense of magic and WOW wherever she goes.

Light Reeds

Make your city or town a place where people want to be. Reimagine your streetscape to encourage wellbeing and community. The Light Reeds are an interactive, light-based, sculptural fixture designed to promote wellness and beauty in your neighbourhood. Reeds are a collaboration between Studio F Minus and MBL


Street Banners

Enliven your urban streetscape and bring attention to local businesses with the Aurora Banner. Install a number of them into buildings and lampposts to coordinate lighting effects across a whole block.

Light Flowers

Whether you are responsible for a botanical garden, a public park in a city, or a residential landscape, the Aurora Flowers will bring a sense of magic and wonder to your audience. Blend nature and technology seamlessly to create a unique and unforgettable interactive experience.



Incorporate Aurora Columns into your streetscape to enhance and reimagine what urban life can look like. Attract more people and improve safety to specific areas by bringing in more beauty with the light-based Columns.



Aurora Matrix is a novel, truly 3D content platform designed to attract attention and encourage play. Matrix stays fresh with new content and games. Matrix belongs at festivals, retail experiences, theme parks, museums, and brand activations.


Aurora Floods are an easy and effective way to project light onto surfaces such as trees, buildings, and sculptural elements. For easy installation, they can be placed on the ground and to achieve the perfect look, have their width of beam and direction manually tuned.

Custom Products

Aurora is an incredibly flexible system that can be embedded into or onto any type of structure. Limbic Media often works with other creative firms and designers to create custom pieces that incorporate sensors, electronics, and lighting.

Interactive Add-ons

Aurora’s interactive add-ons provide many exciting ways to make your Aurora-based installation more intelligent. Customize the experience by changing how your audience engages and interacts.

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