Interactive Add-ons

Let your imagination run wild

Aurora’s interactive add-ons provide many exciting ways to make your Aurora-based installation more intelligent. Customize the experience by changing how your audience engages and interacts. Use add-ons as a low-cost way to update the experience year after year keeping your audience engaged over the long term.

Have an idea that you don’t see here? We are happy to customize a solution to fit your needs.

Motion-based Sensors

Imagine a tree that ‘wakes up’ as people walk by, a tunnel or fence line that follows you around, a bridge glowing brighter with more car traffic, or a massive curtain of lights projected with the outline of your body. Aurora easily integrates with a variety of motion-based sensors including:

  • 3D Depth Cameras
  • Dwell Sensors
  • Trip Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Pressure sensors.


Run a campaign to support a local charity with Aurora’s contactless donation system. When someone donates, they are rewarded with a memorable, customized sound and light experience. Provide an immediate impact that the local community can see and feel.


Connect an Aurora button to a tree or a building to provide a simple and clear way for the public to activate and interact with a multimedia experience. Connect multiple buttons for a collaborative, playful game-type environment.

Voice Recognition

Have a conversation with your environment. Using our multilingual voice recognition technology, design your Aurora-powered experience to respond to specific keywords or phrases. For example, say ‘Candy Cane’ and have a Singing Tree or Chandelier light up in red and white swirls. Speak ‘Ice Storm’ and have your canopy or building facade show off a sound and light experience with ripples of blues and whites along with the sounds of crackling ice. Customize which words and phrases are used along with corresponding colours, effects, and sound samples that are relevant to your campaign.

Touch Screens Kiosk

Connect a familiar touch screen interface to any Aurora-powered installation. Customize the layout of the screen to match your campaign. For example, provide virtual buttons and sliders and give your audience the joy of designing their own lighting experience, or use continuous gestures to interact in a more intuitive manner. 

Audio Soundscapes

Incorporate speakers and customized audio soundscape samples to add another dimension of experience to your Aurora installation. For example, transform your Singing Tree into a Halloween Tree by adding in spooky, ghostly soundscapes to accompany orange lighting effects. Incorporate trip sensors or buttons to trigger sound and light elements. Customize your audio soundscape to any cultural holiday, event, or campaign.

Web-based Data Sources

A building facade that visualizes the weather forecast or a Chandelier hanging in a corporate lobby showing an artistic, real-time visualization of the stock market. With web-based data feed integration, the possibilities are endless. For example, connect data from Slack or other messaging platforms to visualize activity levels of your team, or show off real-time sports and gaming stats. Get connected.

You dream it. We’ll build it.

Not seeing what you are looking for? Our experienced team of artists and engineers can make it happen for you.

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