Art Wall

Interactive Art Wall

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • 2018
  • Belford Properties
  • $Public Space

Construction, creativity and community come together.

Belford Properties hired Limbic Media to create the first of three Aurora-powered, high-impact interactive art installations near British Columbia’s largest shopping centre, Metropolis at Metrotown. The Interactive Art Wall combines computer-controlled LEDs with a mural composed of umbrellas and rainfall that local school children designed. When viewers make donations to a coin box for a local organization, they are rewarded with a light show—literally “making it rain”.

“With the addition of these beautifully installed LED lights around the drawings on the wall, we are able to raise public awareness not only in the daytime but also attract lots of attention at night. Our Art Wall has soon become a popular sight visiting point in the area, which gives us chances to interact with the public. The lights are one of the key elements in this charity fundraising event.”

—Chris Ba, Belford Properties

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