Lightwave Downtown Toronto

Lightwave Reeds Downtown Toronto


Bringing Light To Those In Need

It has been an honour for Limbic Media to support ‘The Friends of University Avenue’ non-profit group to help them realize their vision for downtown toronto.

Founded by Christine Ralphs in 2017, “Reimagining University Avenue” is a unique project for the City of Toronto. It signals a new partnership between the City and private donors and individuals to influence what the city of Toronto can aspire to. 

“When this initiative began, no one would have imagined how it would have even more relevance today. It is now more important than ever to shine a light on the frontline workers, patients, and indeed all citizens who have had to modify their lifestyles for the common good. The health and greening, urban night lighting and public art of our cities are more essential than ever; we need places of calm, beauty and respite that are accessible to all.”

Through this initiative “Reimagining University Avenue”, the city’s Hospital Row has been transformed into a beacon of light and hope for the patients, caregivers, families and all residents and visitors to Toronto who experience University Avenue as their artery through the city day and night.

In collaboration with Mulvani & Banani Lighting, and Studio F Minus.

“Reimagining University Avenue began as a very personal initiative. I have spent much of the last nine years of my life on University Avenue. My husband, Peter Ralphs, was a patient at Princess Margaret for four years. A year after Peter passed away, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I’ve been a patient at Princess Margaret for the past five years.

When I’m in the hospital I see people of every age, background and walk of life and I see the amazing work being done by our hospitals, doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners. I also see people less fortunate than myself; people in need of hope and inspiration.

I have always wanted to give back for the life I’ve been lucky enough to live, and one cold October night in 2017 when I was leaving the hospital alone, the answer came to me. As I stepped out into the “black hole” that was University Avenue I realized what I could do. I could illuminate University Avenue. I could create a beacon of light and hope for all the patients, families, health care professionals and people of Toronto who use University Avenue as their main north-south artery through the city day and night.

Through The Friends of University Avenue, many dedicated, talented and generous people have joined my once singular journey. Together, our initiative “Reimagining University Avenue” will positively affect the lives of so many. I ask you to join us in lighting the darkness.”

– Christine Ralphs – Founder

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