The Aurora Chandelier is an interactive art object that brings a sense of magic and wonder into any space. Chandeliers can come in many different forms, for example, dense 3D rectangles, and hollow cylinders. Shape and form is customizable for each installation. Chandeliers can be built for indoor and outdoor installation.

Chandeliers are powered by the Aurora Platform giving them the ability to interact with their environment in many different ways. See our Interactive Add-Ons for ideas on how to supercharge your installation.

“Anybody can go online and order a color-changing light bulb that connects to an app, but what about 500 of them suspended together that are sound responsive, interactive, frequency driven, percussive. That’s not something you get on Amazon, you need to work with real artists and real innovators to do that. We are really excited about what that says to the people we work with and what it provides them” – Dan Gunn, CEO VIATEC 

“The Aurora Chandelier! I love her, she lights up when I enter the room”  

– Chris Donison


Designed and tested in rugged outdoor conditions with projects globally, Aurora based products are dependable and built for long term installation.


Using the Aurora app, easily program colors and effects. Synchronize themes to relevant events and cultural holidays.


Transform art into unforgettable experiences that encourage play and engagement. Invite your audience to post and share their favourite moments with friends.

Have questions? Ready to bring your vision to life?


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