Royal Botanical Gardens Night Walk

Royal Botanical Gardens Night Walk Experience


Interactive and Immersive Landscape Lighting

The Royal Botanical Gardens was looking to level up its brand and reputation by installing a unique outdoor night-time experience targeted for the holiday season.  Their goal was to create a memorable experience that would evoke a shared sense of wonder and bring more people to the attraction.

The result was a unique outdoor night-time experience that guided visitors along Hendrie Park’s picturesque pathways adorned with charming festive lights, interactive light-to-sound installations, and magical displays celebrating the wonder of the winter season. The public was invited to stroll through the breathtaking garden to the rhythm of festive music while indulging in the warm tastes and fragrances of the holiday season.

Limbic Media worked closely with the Royal Botanical Garden to design and implement three cutting-edge, sound-responsive, light-based installations. These consisted of a large Singing Tree, two rows of interactive tubes, and bucket pixels. 

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Sound-Responsive Tubes

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