Limbic Media

Limbic Media

Interactive art installations benefit cities—they help foster a sense of community placemaking and increase foot traffic to areas of a downtown core to improve public safety and local business. Singing Trees invite the public to interact with a lighting scheme in real-time by singing, clapping, or yelling, creating an unforgettable and magical experience for participants.

The Aurora-powered Singing Tree has been deployed in a number of cities across the USA and Canada including New York, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Victoria, and Vancouver.

“Limbic Media turned a cherry tree into a Christmas Tree with hundreds of light bulbs that change colour and intensity depending on how high or low you sing. It’s the most fanciful addition to Centennial Square this year.”   

—Ken Kelly, General Manager, Downtown Victoria Business Association

Locations: Across North America (including New York, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Victoria)

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