Singing Tree


Singing Trees invite the public to interact with trees in the local environment by singing, clapping, or playing an instrument, creating an unforgettable and magical experience for participants. The Singing is Limbic Media’s most popular product and has been installed all over the world with installations in the USA, Canada, Czech Rep, New Zealand, and China. Many clients have run a social media campaign in tandem with the installation by encouraging participants to post videos of themselves performing to the tree, a fantastic way to amplify and extend your reach over social media.

Using Aurora’s network capabilities, connect multiple trees over a distance to create a larger, more engaging experience.

Combine the Singing Tree with audio soundscapes to create an immersive experience that is tuned to your specific campaign or connect motion sensors to give it life as people walk by. See more details on the Interactive Add Ons page.

“We had many people saying that they didn’t think this would be as impressive as I was trying to explain…after the fact most of those expressed how impressed they were and there certainly was a ‘WOW factor’, which they didn’t expect. We placed clear signage at the bottom of the tree, instructing people how it works, and obviously, that really worked……there were always people around the tree! Many people took pictures, sang and made music under the tree…..the tree even lit up  when a police car with siren drove by!” – Ineke Boekhorst, Executive Director, Maple Ridge BIA

The town of Chomutov as one of a few towns was pleased with the possibility of having this attraction. The singing tree had a lot of success. I think it was something that most people have never seen before. People were meeting there, singing carols and watching the light show. This experience was enhanced by a choir performance that created a magical atmosphere. – David Dind, Mayor’s Office, Chomutov, Czech Republic

Limbic Media turned a cherry tree into a Christmas Tree with hundreds of light bulbs that change color and intensity depending on how high or low you sing. It’s the most fanciful addition to Centennial Square this year.-Ken Kelly, general manager, Downtown Victoria Business Association


Designed and tested in rugged outdoor conditions with projects globally, Aurora based products are dependable and built for long term installation.


Using the Aurora app, easily program colors and effects. Synchronize themes to relevant events and cultural holidays.


Transform art into unforgettable experiences that encourage play and engagement. Invite your audience to post and share their favourite moments with friends.

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