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Singing Tree

Interactive art installations benefit cities—they help foster a sense of community placemaking and increase foot traffic to areas of a downtown core to improve public safety and local business. Singing Trees invite the public to interact with the lighting in real-time by singing, clapping, or yelling, creating an unforgettable and magical experience for participants. 

The Aurora-powered Singing Tree has been deployed in a number of cities across North America and Europe including New York, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Prague, Victoria, and Vancouver.

As well as responding to sounds in the environment, Aurora can also automatically generate synchronized light to music shows. Eliminating the need for additional hardware or lighting experts.

Singing Tree

Transform traditional lighting displays into magical, interactive experiences with the Aurora real-time sound-to-light mapping system.

“Limbic Media’s audio-reactive LED lighting was a fun and interactive addition to Westlake Park during the Downtown Seattle Holiday Season.  We featured festive music and live buskers in the park throughout the season, and the dancing lights provided an extra level of entertainment to our space.  Additionally, our park-goers – children and adults alike – enjoyed watching their voices transform the lights on the trees.”

– Sara Umeda, Marketing Project Specialist, Downtown Seattle Association/Metropolitan Improvement District


A unique plug n' play technology that transforms traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences.


Design a Sound Responsive Lighting Show in Minutes

  • Connect wirelessly to Aurora

  • Real-Time control in live mode

  • Create custom cues

  • Automatically sync to a song or playlist

  • Combine cues to create your own show!

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