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Chilliwack Architectural Facade Lighting

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Creative Architectural Lighting

Algra Bros Developments LTD. is currently working on a multiphase, major revitalization development project in the historic downtown centre of Chilliwack, BC. While maintaining an aesthetic that pays homage to the region’s history, Algra is building mixed-use spaces designed to attract a wide diversity of tenants. One part of the solution is to harness the latest innovation in creative architectural lighting.

It is important to the City Of Chilliwack and Algra Bros that these new mixed-use spaces attract and keep people downtown, giving them a built environment to get excited about.

Using Limbic Media’s Aurora Lighting System, Algra activated several building facades on a high-traffic street corner. Thousands of LED pixels were creatively mapped to the contours of the building. The Aurora app allows Algra Bros. to customize the light show easily, choosing specific effects and colours to match the season, holidays, or even local sporting events. 

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