Victoria Harbour Lights

Victoria Harbour Lights: A Winter’s Dream


Reimagining The Inner Harbour Waterway

The Ralmax Group, in conjunction with the Victoria Harbour Ferry, was looking to develop a unique holiday float-through experience to give people a fresh perspective on Victoria’s iconic inner harbour area. The goal was to draw more people downtown during the holiday season to support local businesses and tourism.

Ralmax reached out to Limbic Media to help realize their vision, and ‘Victoria Harbour Lights – A Winter’s Dream’ was born.

A Winter’s Dream is a holiday experience that invites participants to come and board a harbour ferry, which has been equipped with heaters and a surround sound system. The 45-minute narrated tour takes participants to various locations along the Victoria harbour waterway through a child’s story of a winter dream brought to life with large-scale interactive lighting, 3D projection mapping and soundscapes.

Limbic Media led the effort creating a custom storyline, narration & soundscapes, along with several Aurora-driven interactive lighting installations that responded in real-time to broadcasted audio from the boats. These included a custom designed 50ft pole tree with a star topper (see image below). 

Limbic Media also worked closely with Los Angeles-based, Paintscaping, who designed and installed the 3D projection mapping on two large industrial buildings along Victoria’s inner harbour. 

The first year of Victoria Harbour Lights was a huge success, giving the public a fresh perspective on Victoria’s downtown waterway.    

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Pole Tree

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