Atlanta Light + Sound Station

Atlanta Light + Sound Station

Bring People Downtown
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • 2022
  • Atlanta Downtown Improvement District
  • $Public Space

A Musical experience for all

The Atlanta Downtown Improvement District was looking to revitalize and attract fresh energy to Woodruff Square. The goal was to bring more people downtown during the holiday season to support local businesses.

This goal was achieved with the ‘Light + Sound Station,’ a magical interactive Aurora-based experience that came to life with the music and sounds of local musicians. The public was also invited to participate in the experience with their voices or by clapping or stomping. 

The ‘Light + Sound Station’ was a huge success, giving the public a fresh perspective on Woodruff Square, bringing attention to local musicians and boosting activity downtown.   

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“Limbic Media was a pleasure to work with! The lights are so great, very reactive and the color patterns super engaging. Design process and light setup was easy and seamless even though installation location and agency were in different locations. Would highly recommend!”

– Noa Hecht, Creative Placemaking Specialist, Atlanta Downtown Improvement District

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