Langford Station Skylights

Langford Station Skylights

The Wonder of Voice Recognition
  • Langford, BC, Canada
  • 2022
  • City Of Langford
  • $Public Space

a Luminescent Dialogue

Step into The Langford Station, a revamped train station that is now an arts and culture district pulsing with life, where history melds seamlessly with modernity. At the heart of this transformation are our voice recognition skylights, crafting a visual symphony of colours and patterns that breathe life into the space.

As you wander around under the tree vines and canopy, you’ll reach the tubes where you’re given a unique power: the ability to converse with lights. A person speaks their wishes into a large megaphone, and in an ethereal burst of understanding, the lights comply. Say for example, “Show me a lake”, and witness the soft ripples and varied blues choreographing around you.

At a time when many urban spaces are reimagining their purpose, the City of Langford envisioned something audacious for The Langford Station. What was once a train station has now been reborn, with local artists and retailers sprouting from the confines of trendy shipping containers. This light installation is more than just an art piece; it’s a beacon that invites locals and visitors alike, an emblem of excitement and innovation.

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