A unique plug n' play technology that transforms
traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences.

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Set it up, plug it in and watch everyone join in on the fun.

Aurora creates light shows that are controlled by sounds from the surrounding environment. Bright, efficient RGB LED lights are combined with sound-reactive technology to enable voices, claps, stomps and music to manipulate the lighting scheme. Sophisticated lighting algorithms create an unprecedented connection between light and sound and can visualize audio features as subtle as the vibrato of a violin. Aurora works right out of the box - no need for expensive custom programming or professional lighting personnel.

Aurora makes lighting possible all year around.

Unlike traditional lighting, Aurora light shows can be easily changed to suit a wide variety of holiday and cultural events throughout the year with our easy to use smartphone app. Whether it's Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, the Fourth of July or even your favorite Super Bowl teams colors - a new theme is only a click away. Don't have the theme you need? No problem — download a new one from our ever growing collection of holiday lighting themes. Need a custom design for a corporate event? No problem — we'll make it for you!

Who needs Aurora?

Public spaces, city squares, bandstands, hotels and resorts, restaurants and night clubs, events, festivals, weddings, parades, outdoor shopping centers, corporate events or any space where people gather.


  • Audio reactive out of the box.

    Just plug Aurora in and connect an audio feed to the line in or use the embedded microphone. No need for expensive custom programming or professional lighting personnel.

  • Limitless customization.

    Smartphone app lets you modify or change lighting themes and even download new ones.
  • Control 100s or 1000s of lights.

    Each controller can drive up to 8 strands of 75 lights for a total of 600 lights with its built in power. Or use power top ups to drive up to 4000 lights.
  • Multiple light form factors to choose from.

    Choose from dozens of different light fixture styles from traditional holiday shapes to more unique modern forms such as globes or bars.
  • DMX controllable.

To order Aurora or learn more about it, give us a shout.

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