Beaver Creek High-Tech Hangout Space

Beaver Creek Resort’s High-Tech Teen Hangout Space

Elevating Après-Ski Fun with Interactive Innovations

Transforming Teen Entertainment with the Hawk’s Nest Cabin

Nestled in the heart of Beaver Creek Resort, the Hawk’s Nest Cabin stands as a beacon of modern teen entertainment. This isn’t just any hangout spot – it’s a carefully crafted space where teens can express themselves in an environment that’s both cool and inviting thanks to it’s high-tech installations. 

For the first time, Limbic Media has used the Aurora lighting platform to introduce an interactive dance floor! Accompanied by a mesmerizing sound-responsive chandelier, both elements create a pulsating heart for the cabin. Separately, a dynamic pixel wall that is situated in its own exclusive area adds to the cabin’s immersive experience. Each installation, controllable via the Aurora app, allows for a level of customization that ensures the atmosphere always matches the mood of the moment.

Imagine a dance floor that not only feels the beat but visualizes it. As music and laughter fill the air, the interactive dance floor and chandelier synchronize. The result? An electrifying environment that responds and evolves with the energy of the room. It’s more than just technology; it’s about creating lasting memories and magical moments for the younger guests.

“Our Limbic installations have been successful and strongly support the new teen hangout concept at Beaver Creek resort.”

Clint Huber – Director of Strategic Initiatives, Beaver Creek Resort Company

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