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Recording Studio Lighting

Intelligent sound responsive studio lighting benefit our clients—innovative lighting helps foster a sense of creativity, excitement, and memorable experiences worth capturing. Aurora’s recording studio lighting package invites clients to create in a unique environment emphasizing the punch their music provides.

The Aurora-powered lighting system has been deployed at a number of studios across Canada.

As well as responding to sounds in the recording studio environment, Aurora can also automatically generate synchronized light to music shows. Eliminating the need for additional hardware or lighting experts. Additionally Aurora has the ability to line-in ensuring that when the lights are active they don’t miss a beat.

Recording Studio Lighting

Transform your recording studio lighting into magical, interactive experiences with the Aurora real-time sound-to-light mapping system.

“Limbic’s responsive lighting system helped us to create a studio space that is modern and immersive. We can instantly change looks from corporate-clean to dance club or anywhere in between.” – Mike Southworth, NovaStudios

“Limbic’s system bridges the gap between our workspace and the music we produce. The result is an immersive, inspiring environment for our clients to create in.” – Jamie Kuse, NovaStudios


A unique plug n' play technology that transforms any recording studio into an interactive experience.


Design a Sound Responsive Lighting Show in Minutes

  • Connect wirelessly to Aurora

  • Real-Time control in live mode

  • Create custom cues

  • Automatically sync to a song or playlist

  • Combine cues to create your own show!

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