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Limbic Media

Social Wearables

Stir up conversation and create connections at your next
event with our light-based social games.

A proven technology that brings people together at events, conferences, and meetings.

At conferences and large events It can be challenging to break people out of their groups to mix and mingle. Meet Social Wearables – the newest product from Limbic Media, currently in development.

A new kind of digital ice breaker

Capture the Rainbow is the first in our upcoming catalog of digital ice breaker games. Given a wearable coloured light pendant, each person must touch theirs with a pendant of each different colour to work their way towards completing a rainbow. Watch conversations unfold. For extra incentive reward winners with special perks and prizes.

Track and analyze social engagement metrics in real-time.

Social Wearables are still in development, but you can request a prototype for your next event. To stay informed about this product or to learn more, contact us.

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