Audio-reactive LED Butterflies and much more

by | Apr 14, 2014

2014 has been a brilliant year for Limbic Media so far. As of January we moved into a brand new office/lab more than twice the size of the last space and a lot brighter. In the next month we are bringing on a couple new staff including a mechanical engineering coop from UVic.

We have a few interesting art related projects on the go including infinity mirrors for the Victoria Viatech awards on June 20th, a computer vision based 3D tracking/mocap system for audio/video control, and a new social wearables platform funded by CreativeBC.

We were recently approached to imagine and build a unique light based installation for the “Hope for Hannah” benefit concert at Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria, BC. Meet hannah here.

With the creative genius of Limbic’s Gabrielle Odowichuk, a number of large audio-reactive LED butterflies were designed and built. The skeleton of the butterflies were made of soldered wire frame and then covered in white material. The butterflies were them painted by the ridiculously talented Kristin Grant, check out here amazing work.

As for the tech, a whole bunch of addressable RGB LED strips were used to illuminate the butterflies with Limbic’s custom interactive LED control/design software.

This would not have happened without the help of a team of volunteers and the materials and space provided by Cloth Castle.


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