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Be Intentional about your Nightscapes

Great nightscape design has the power to impart a shared sense of belonging, bringing connection and new energy to ordinary interactions. Lanterns transform any outdoor space into a vibrant hub of engagement. Create beautiful environments that resonate deeply with every visitor. Incorporate soundscapes to take the multi-sensory experience to the next level. Experience the fusion of light and sound, making every moment memorable.

Rugged outdoor design

Easy to install and customize

Cost effective

Be Unique

Driven by Limbic Media’s Aurora lighting platform, Lanterns stay relevant all year round. With our easy to use mobile app, select colours and effects to activate specific holidays, cultural events, and campaigns. Perfect for venues seeking to distinguish themselves, Lanterns represent where cutting-edge technology meets artistic expression.

Easily customize to match themes

Refresh year over year

Add and expand

The lanterns were a huge hit! They were the fan favourite.”

The installation was such a great addition to our experience. They worked really well. Visitors had to cut around two corners to see the two sections of lanterns and it was amazing to stand in those locations and listen to their reactions. The music I selected was meditative to go with the warm colour palette given off by the lanterns. It was perfect.

Adrienne Lister, Event Producer, Royal Botanical Gardens Canada

An Experienced And Professional Team


Connect with us, share photos of your location and work with our team of designers to come up with the perfect design.

Delivery + Installation

We will ship you all the necessary equipment. For installation, we work closely with your local installers to ensure that your Aurora Lanterns are set up to function correctly.

Ensure Success

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We continue to engage with you after installation to ensure success and promptly respond to any requests.

We are here to help

Whether you are rearing to go or just starting to dream about the possibilities, we want to meet you and help however we can. Our experienced team has delivered and installed successful lighting projects across the globe.

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