VIATEC Chandelier



High-tech art sheds light on the local tech community.

The Aurora-powered interactive Chandelier is a permanent fixture in the lobby of VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology, and Entrepreneurship Council). VIATEC is the hub of Victoria’s $6 Billion high-tech industry; it serves many roles including providing co-working space, running accelerator programs and mentoring for start-ups, and hosting industry workshops and courses. VIATEC wanted to create a memorable experience for its many visitors and residents, including various tech industry investors and executives. The high-tech interactive Chandelier is the first thing visitors see when they walk into the VIATEC building, letting people know they are entering an extraordinary space.

“Anybody can go online and order a colour-changing light bulb that connects to an app, but what about 500 of them suspended together that are sound responsive, interactive, frequency driven, percussive. That’s not something you get on Amazon, you need to work with real artists and real innovators to do that. We are really excited about what that says to the people we work with and what it provides them.” 

– Dan Gunn, CEO, VIATEC

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