Multi-sensory museum experience


  • Vancouver, Canada
  • 2020
  • Science World
  • $Public Space
Multi-sensory music and light experience

Engaging and educational multi-sensory experience for all ages

Limbic Media’s interactive lighting platform, Aurora, was installed at Science World in Vancouver, Canada to breathe new life into their floor piano exhibit. The final product is an immersive, multi-sensory museum experience that significantly boosts engagement and dwell time on their floor piano. Kids and adults alike are invited to engage in this exciting and memorable multisensory experience.

Adding the interactive lighting turned the floor piano installation into a multisensory experience that drew the public in, giving them a reason to stay longer to learn the connection between the piano and the lighting, a reason to develop mastery.

Science World is a charitable non-profit and science centre based in Vancouver, BC that engages learners across the province in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & design and math). 

Visitors to Science World’s iconic geodesic dome explore interactive, hands-on exhibits and galleries that nurture their process of discovery and inspire connection with their natural, physical and built environments.

“…we were looking to add a stunning interactive visual component to our classic Walk-On Piano exhibit. Our goal was to encourage our visitors to ask new questions, develop their own experiments and discover new qualities of sound for themselves.  With Aurora, Limbic Media has created a beautiful exhibit that achieves this far beyond our expectations. The space feels more alive than ever before and Aurora attracts a wider range of guests to explore the Walk-On Piano more intentionally…”

Parker Mclean – Program Specialist

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