Autonomous, Real-time, Audio Driven Lighting Control

Maestro’s patented algorithms intelligently ‘listen’ to audio in order to autonomously drive lighting for entertainment and gaming environments/products in real-time. Much like a professional lighting designer would listen and perceive the auditory environment to choreograph a lighting experience, Maestro ‘hears’ music and sound, using advanced AI-based techniques to make real-time lighting decisions, keeping the lighting design dynamic and relevant to the vibe.

Under the hood, Maestro analyzes audio in real-time, extracting relevant features. These features are then fed into a model that makes decisions similar to that of a human listener. Maestro’s advanced, parametric lighting engine understands the vibe and jams along. It knows when to switch it up because the song changed or when we are in the breakdown. Maestro gets excited at a build and then delivers on the drop. Maestro is trained to listen like a human and express like an artist. Maestro is a platform that will continue to evolve and get smarter.

Beyond music, Maestro can easily be programmed to respond to any data, such as gaming sounds and events, ambient sounds in the environment or any relevant, real-time data feeds.

Maestro consists of the following components:

  • Audio Analysis: Real-time AI-based audio feature extraction based on cutting-edge psycho-acoustic research
  • Decision Making: Autonomous decision-making meta-layer between the data and the lighting engine
  • Lighting Engine: Advanced parametric, generative lighting models scalable from a few lights to many thousands, in 1D, 2D, and 3D structures.

Home-Based Smart Entertainment Lighting

Maestro’s algorithms can run on smart home platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home or Light-embedded smart speaker systems. From having a quiet night at home to hosting a cocktail party, the vibe will always be on point.

Gaming Peripherals

Maestro can be embedded into LED-based gaming peripherals, bringing them to life. Creating an immersive experience by reacting intelligently to the content of the game.

Live Music Events

Performing/Streaming DJ’s and Bands, and Venues use Maestro to level up their lighting game without needing to hire a professional designer or learn complicated lighting software.

Automotive Interiors

In the future, Autonomous car OEMs will level-up in terms of in-car entertainment. A new generation of users will be looking for personalized and theme-relevant experiences that surprise and delight. Maestro is the ideal platform for the automotive industry’s creative lighting needs.

Patent: System and method for predictive generation of visual sequences.

Contact: Manjinder Benning, MA.Sc, CTO Limbic Media/Technologies – manj [at] limbicmedia [dot ca]

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