Custom Products


Aurora is an incredibly flexible system that can be embedded into or onto any type of structure. Limbic Media often works with other creative firms and designers to create custom pieces that incorporate sensors, electronics, and lighting. Limbic has extensive experience developing projects for outdoor environments for both temporary and permanent installations.

See our Interactive Add-Ons for ideas on how to supercharge your concept.

“In my decades of experience in the lighting industry, this is the most exciting product that I have ever seen.  I am impressed with the creativity and knowledge of the team at Limbic Media and I am thrilled to be partnering with them” — Darren Vader, CEO, Lumyn Immersive Media


Designed and tested in rugged outdoor conditions with projects globally, Aurora based products are dependable and built for long term installation.


Using the Aurora app, easily program colors and effects. Synchronize themes to relevant events and cultural holidays.


Transform art into unforgettable experiences that encourage play and engagement. Invite your audience to post and share their favourite moments with friends.

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