Aurora-based interactive canopies are a magical and effective way to revitalize public space. String one up over an alleyway or walkway to increase the sense of safety and play or install one in an outdoor retail location to encourage more foot traffic. With the Aurora app, easily shift the colours and effects to match relevant holidays and event themes. 

Turn on audio reactive mode to have your canopy react to the sounds in the environment or have the lights magically dance to the music or a customized soundscape. Extend the interactive possibilities with Aurora’s Interactive Add Ons.

Aurora Canopies can fit into any space. From a small alleyway to multiple city blocks, we have you covered. Combine with Aurora Floods to create a grander, more immersive experience.

“Limbic Media’s work in adding a layer of colour changing lights to Waddington Alley has further enhanced the corridor, creating a sense of place to an often disregarded walkway. The project has helped dramatically connect two vibrant streets — Johnson and Yates — with a safe and inviting corridor that has drawn more people through the area. The folks at Limbic were professional and supportive throughout the whole process, and were helpful answering our questions when we had them. Overall, we have greatly enjoyed working with Limbic, and we are excited to scale up with more interactive projects in the future.” — Shellie Gudgeon, Owner, Il Terrazzo Ristorante


Designed and tested in rugged outdoor conditions with projects globally, Aurora based products are dependable and built for long term installation.


Using the Aurora app, easily program colors and effects. Synchronize themes to relevant events and cultural holidays.


Transform art into unforgettable experiences that encourage play and engagement. Invite your audience to post and share their favourite moments with friends.

Have questions? Ready to bring your vision to life?


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