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New Developments in Sound Reactive Lighting

Welcome to Fall. As the days get darker, things at Limbic Media are lighting up. Aurora, our sound reactive lighting system, is getting major attention across North America with holiday installations planned in cities from coast to coast. Innovation Tree Last week we unveile…

Audio-reactive Lighting Research

We have been doing some audio-reactive lighting research at Limbic for some upcoming projects this year. Check out this video to see an audio-reactive LED sculpture by new Limbic Media team member Gabrielle Odowichuk followed by an audio-reactive beat-boxing performance by M…

Playing with Robots

We’ve decided to do a weekly blog post to document some of the behind the scenes stuff that happens at Limbic Media. Here is a short video of Manj Benning demonstrating an interactive robot arm we are building for our next G++ gallery installation with Yifan Wang.