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Adding Light to The World’s Largest Instrument

Back in 2015, Music By The Sea and Limbic Media premiered the first version of “The World’s Largest Instrument” at the Music By The Sea Festival in Bamfield, BC.

In preparation for another performance on Canada Day 2017 in Port Alberni, to celebrate 150, we have started working on adding high power RGB LED panels to each horn.

Initial wiring of custom LED panel

A high power grid of LED’s custom made by Limbic Media will be connected to each remote horn. When a keyboard note is played from the shore then the respective horn will sound and the LED array will light up. Each horn lights up with a different colour.

Simon lit up and ready to go to sea

We took the test panel out to sea in a row boat and it looked really cool! The light from the panel created a beautiful reflection all the way to the beach.

Testing of the LED array out at sea ~200m.

New Developments in Sound Reactive Lighting

Welcome to Fall. As the days get darker, things at Limbic Media are lighting up.

Aurora™, our sound reactive lighting system, is getting major attention across North America with holiday installations planned in cities from coast to coast.

innovationtree1Innovation Tree

Last week we unveiled our latest project the Innovation Tree, a testament to Victoria’s high-tech innovative spirit. The Innovation Tree was made possible through a collaboration between the DVBA, the City of Victoria, and VIATEC.

The Innovation Tree is located at the bottom of Government Street near the Empress Hotel. The Innovation Tree is powered by Limbic Media’s sound reactive Aurora™ lighting system. The Aurora™ system controls 1000 LED lights in the tree and responds to the sounds of the City to create intricate and beautiful patterns of light.

At the launch the Innovation Tree came alive to the music of the The Jonnie 5 brass band and even Mayor Lisa Helps was moved to dance in the street alongside the other revelers!



Sound Reactive Lighting Algorithm Development

On another note, the amazing engineers and lighting designers at Limbic Media have been developing the audio analysis algorithms that drive the Aurora™ product. Here is a video demonstrating its power using our large globe-style fixtures.

Lights are 100% controlled by the music in real-time, no designer needed.

High Density 3D Volumetric LED Display

Recently we have been experimenting with an amazing new 3D LED display.

For the Integrate Art Festival we built an installation using more than over 1000 individually controllable 360 degree LEDs, mapped them into a 3D geometry, and used Aurora™ to analyze and visualize the incoming audio stream live from a DJ (Arya from EMP Productions).

The result is mind blowing…and this is just the beginning 🙂

Audio-reactive Lighting Research

We have been doing some audio-reactive lighting research at Limbic for some upcoming projects this year. Check out this video to see an audio-reactive LED sculpture by new Limbic Media team member Gabrielle Odowichuk followed by an audio-reactive beat-boxing performance by Manj Benning.

How to Train Your Robot

Last week the Limbic team designed a system that allows us to record the motions of a robot arm and then save and play the motions back. The robot arm will be used to control traditional chinese shadow puppets in an upcoming installation.

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