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Sound-Reactive Nightclub Lighting

“We are super happy with our versatile Aurora sound responsive lighting system. It can be transformed from an LED curtain to a 3D light cube with ease. Aurora has helped draw attention to our nightclub and is a social media magnet, people love taking selfies with it!” – Dylan Pitcher, Nightclub Owner, Lucky Bar, Canada

Sound-reactive lighting is the future. Nightclubs are constantly looking to develop a niche image and stand apart from the crowd. Aurora is versatile system giving club owners flexibility in converting any space from mediocre to stunning. The mobile app is user friendly and reduces the need for a lighting designer in any space.

Turn sound reactivity on and watch the lighting come alive in real time to any type of music. Easily Sync your existing DMX fixtures to create an immersive and memorable experience for your guests. Aurora will help to bring more customers into your nightclub and amplify your social media with selfie opportunities. 

Nightclub Lighting

Transform traditional lighting into interactive experiences with our Aurora real-time sound-to-light mapping system.

“Well I love how adjustable it is, we do all different types of entertainment and It was really important to be able to control the velocity and not have it always be wow factor even though it is capable of being really bright and have a shock factor. It is nice when you can have some nuance too and it can be subtle and complement something else happening on stage, that makes it a tool that is really usable for us” – Dylan Pitcher, Owner of Lucky Bar


A unique plug n' play technology that transforms traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences.


Design a Sound Responsive Lighting Show in Minutes

  • Connect wirelessly to Aurora

  • Real-Time control in live mode

  • Create custom cues

  • Automatically sync to a song or playlist

  • Combine cues to create your own show!

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