Limbic Media

Limbic Media


“Limbic Media is not out of the box to cite an overused accolade, they are who you go to redesign the box entirely. When we want to do something unique and awe-inspiring, Limbic Media is always one of our first calls.”

– Dan Gunn, CEO Viatec

Aurora value propositions

Interactive sculptures benefit malls, under-activated retail spaces, food halls, storefronts, architectural spaces, private residences and corporate office —they help increase foot traffic inviting the public to interact with the lighting in real-time by singing, clapping, or yelling, creating an unforgettable and magical experience for participants.

As well as responding to sounds in the environment, Aurora can also automatically generate synchronized light to music shows to reflect the vibe in your space.


Transform traditional lighting into interactive experiences with our Helix utilizing the Aurora real-time sound-to-light mapping system.

“Aurora I love her, she lights up when I enter the room”

– Christopher Donison, Director of Music By The Sea


A unique plug n' play technology that transforms traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences.


Design a Sound Responsive Lighting Show in Minutes

  • Connect wirelessly to Aurora

  • Real-Time control in live mode

  • Create custom cues

  • Automatically sync to a song or playlist

  • Combine cues to create your own show!

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