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Aurora Lighting Controller – Use Cases

Community Engagement

Aurora brings life to outdoor spaces with its patented audio-reactive processing and dazzling lighting patterns. Aurora works with many types of lights, which can be hung from trees, draped across bushes, or arranged in one of our rigging packages.

Great for:

  • Public art spaces
  • Storefront advertising
  • Municipal events
  • Conventions
Aurora: audio-reactive tree with musicians
VIATEC Innovation Tree, Victoria BC
Aurora canopy with the Christ Church Cathedral choir, Victoria BC

Live Performances

Aurora makes you shine. Its simple plug-and-play controller provides a fast and fool-proof setup. Our lighting fixtures can be mounted in many ways – see our rigging packages for a few examples.

Great for:

  • Touring artists
  • Cafés, Brewpubs
  • Churches

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Holiday & Event Lighting

Aurora adds passive and audio-reactive lighting to any event, in any season. Use the Aurora Mobile app to match Aurora’s colours to your event, then build a show that will stun your guests.

Great for:

  • Weddings, staff parties
  • Karaoke nights
  • Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more!
Burnaby Village Gazebo
Heineken Towers, 2015
Interactive dj lighting

Club & Bar Lighting

Aurora brings effortless light shows to any club, bar, and pub. Plug it in or use an external microphone and Aurora works instantly with any genre of music. Watch the lights pulse to the subwoofer and ripple with melody, no configuration required.

Great for:

  • Nightclubs, with and without live DJs
  • Interactive entrances and hallways
  • Store- and club-front advertising

Permanent Installations

Make Aurora a family member with a variety of package options like Prismo and Chandelier. When controlling over WiFi with the Aurora Mobile app, Aurora can be safely tucked away for hassle-free operation.


Great for:

  • Music stores
  • Art galleries, museums
  • Storefront advertising
Boulderhouse, Victoria BC:

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Landscape & Architecture

With the IP-67 rated Outdoor Enclosure, Aurora becomes a breathtaking feature for bridges, canopies, garden paths, pools, and patios. Celebrate winter holidays with beautiful house trim, and savour the long summer nights in your backyard with friends and fireflies.

Great for:

  • Architectural highlighting
  • Restaurant/Home patio lighting
  • Interior and Exterior decoration

Data Visualization

Aurora is more than just a blinky contraption – under the hood it has a state-of-the-art quad-core processor and groundbreaking signal processing algorithms. Aurora can visualize stored and live data from digital sources to create powerful experiences that change perspectives.

Great for:

  • Science centres
  • Museums, Art galleries
  • Universities

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Aurora Prismo
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