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Unique and Awe-Inspiring

Limbic Media is not ‘out of the box’ to cite an overused accolade, they are who you go to redesign the box entirely.
When we want to do something unique and awe inspiring,
Limbic Media is always one of our first calls.

Dan Gunn, ViaTec

Dan Gunn - Viatec

Innovative and Cutting-Edge

“It was important to bring innovative and cutting-edge ideas to [the TED2018] crowd, and Limbic Media helped us to do this. The Aurora lights were a huge hit, wow-ing this VIP crowd as they changed color in time with the music and added an additional layer of immersion.”

Emma C. Parston CMP, Partner, Connect Seven Group

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Fun and Interactive

Limbic Media’s audio-reactive LED lighting was a fun and interactive addition to Westlake Park during the Downtown Seattle Holiday Season. We featured festive music and live buskers in the park throughout the season, and the dancing lights provided an extra level of entertainment to our space. Additionally, our park-goers – children and adults alike – enjoyed watching their voices transform the lights on the trees.

Sara Umeda, Marketing Project Specialist, Downtown Seattle Association/Metropolitan Improvement District


Easy and Cost-Effective

We were looking for an easy and cost-effective solution to a long term lighting installation The client wanted lights programmed to music that played through the day, but wanted to avoid the cost of having a programmer and lighting console on site everyday for six weeks. The Aurora product was a great fit for the project. It was effective and easy to setup. We didn’t need to spend hours programming, yet it still had a feel like the sound activated lights had been programmed to the music that was playing.

Kerrigan O’Neill, Production Lighting Manager, Hollywood Lights Inc.

Fanciful Addition to Centennial Square

Limbic Media turned a cherry tree into a Christmas Tree with hundreds of lightbulbs that change colour and intensity depending on how high or low you sing. It’s the most fanciful addition to Centennial Square this year.

Ken Kelly, General Manager, Downtown Victoria Business Association

Unique and Awe-Inspiring

Great service and they stand behind their products. If there is ever a glitch, they take care of it without hesitation. We’ll be giving them a lot more of our business in the future.

Daniel Cowan, Festilights (Distributor)

Harlem, NYC

I would like to put one of these on every block.

Barbara Askins, President of 125th Business Improvement District, Harlem NYC

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